Dr. Velthut-Meikas talked at ESHRE 2018 Barcelona

Recent findings of a comprehensive two centre RNA-seq study were introduced by Dr. Velthut-Meikas at European Society of human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) Annual conference at Barcelona, July 4th, 2018.

Changes in endometrium and blood miRNome at mid-secretory phase in fertile women and in patients with recurrent implantation failure were assessed in two independent population cohorts, in Estonia and Spain, respectfully.

The molecular changes in the endometrium that are involved during the establishment of the window of embryo implantation (WOI) are of interest for determining the reasons for recurrent implantation failure (RIF)  in some IVF patients.  High-throughput sequencing studies on gene expression regulation by microRNAs have only started to emerge, and also including only small sample numbers. There has been no indication, whether molecular markers revealing optimal WOI time could also be identified from blood.

With current international study scientists from Tallinn University of Technology, University of Granada, Competence Centre on Health Technologies, Lifesequencing SL, Igenomix Foundation and Valencia University confirmed several known microRNAs role and revealed novel candidates as molecular markers for WOI. Also light was shed upon cellular processes that are perturbed in the endometria of RIF patients.

A paper opening the full study is in publication process.