Master's and doctoral theses

This list includes all theses that have been authored and/or supervised by CCHT employees.


Doctoral theses

Role of translesion DNA polymerases in mutagenesis and DNA damage tolerance in Pseudomonads

Author: Tatjana Jatsenko

Supervisor: Maia Kivisaar


Master's theses
Novel transcriptomic markers for the evaluation of endometrial receptivity
Author: Grete-Katariine Kuum
Supervisors: Merli Saare, Ants Kurg

MikroRNAd kui potentsiaalsed biomarkerid vastuvõtliku endomeetriumi määramiseks.
Author: Liis Mägi
Supervisors: Kadri Rekker, Martin Pook, Alar Aints.


Doctoral theses
Molecular profiling of endometriotic lesions and endometria of endometriosis patients
Author: Merli Saare
Supervisors: Andres Salumets, Maire Peters, Helle Karro

Master's theses
Evaluation of the possibility to detect fetal chromosome trisomies based on a defined set of single nucleotide polymorphisms for non-invasive prenatal testing.
Author: Hindrek Teder
Supervisors: Kaarel Krjutskov, Ants Kurg


Doctoral theses
Ovarian Follicle as the Environment of Oocyte Maturation: The Role of Granulosa Cells and Follicular Fluid at Pre-Ovulatory Development.
Author: Agne Velthut-Meikas
Supervisors: Andres Salumets, Madis Metsis, Anu Aaspõllu

Development of assay systems for characterisation of ligand binding properties to melanocortin 4 receptors
Author: Santa Veikšina
Supervisors: Ago Rinken; Sergei Kopantšuk

Regulation of G-protein subtypes by receptors, guanine nucleotides and Mn2+
Author: Lauri Tõntson
Supervisor: Ago Rinken

Reproductive function in middle-aged males: Associations with prostate, lifestyle and couple infertility status
Author: Kristo Ausmees
Supervisors: Reet Mändar, Margus Punab

Master's theses
Altogether 8 master's theses were defended in 2014


Doctoral theses
Genetic susceptibility factors in endometriosis.
Author: Merit Lamp
Supervisors: Helle Karro, Andres Salumets, Raivo Uibo

Immune activation in female infertility: Significance of autoantibodies and inflammatory mediators.
Author: Aili Tagoma
Supervisors: Raivo Uibo, Andres Salumets, Ülle Jaakma

Overcoming the plasma membrane barrier: uptake of amphipathic cell-penetrating peptides induces influx of calcium ions and downstream responses
Author: Annely Lorents
Supervisor: Margus Pooga

Assay systems for characterisation of subtype-selective binding and functional activity of ligands on dopamine receptors
Author: Reet Reinart-Okugbeni
Supervisor: Ago Rinken

Master's theses
In 2013, eight master's theses were defended.


Master's theses
Three master's theses were defended in 2012


Doctoral theses
Identification and molecular analysis of the role of guanine nucleotide exchange factor RIC-8 in mouse development and neural function
Author: Tambet Tõnissoo
Supervisors: Alar Karis, Margus Pooga

Multiple faces of cell-penetrating peptides-their intracellular trafficking, stability and endosomal escape during protein transduction
Author: Helin Räägel
Supervisor: Margus Pooga

Master's theses
Altogether five master's theses were defended in 2011


Doctoral theses
Genomics and transcriptomics of human induced folliculogenesis
Author: Signe Altmäe
Supervisors: Andres Metspalu, Andres Salumets